Author: kshivaun

  • Twenty Questions

      “Love yourself, there is no one else like you.” Hello Loves Time to get to know me a little better. I love Q & A’s and thought it would be fun to answer 20 random question about myself: What is your name? Kimshme (Kishma)      2. Where were you born? St. Thomas U.S.V.I […]

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  • Mothers

    A mother is someone who loves, provides and nurtures. She encourages you to be your best self. She comforts you when you are sad, she hurts when you hurt, she cries when you cry, and laughs when you laugh. Mothers are not perfect, we make mistakes too. We get frustrated, we sometimes yell and throw […]

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  • Hands of Time

    Some say I am the enemy, a thief that steals the ones they love. Some will say I am not a friend, but I can be if you use me wisely. They say wait I need more time, but I cannot stand still and wait for you. I can however remind you that time is […]

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  • Giants

    Every day we are confronted by giants, financial giants, giants of loss, abuse, sadness, loneliness, worry, fear, depression, anxiety. We sometimes become consumed by the craziness of the world death, destruction, politics, race, violence, chaos. When we are faced with these giants we tend to shrink back, we make ourselves small and insignificant, because we […]

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  • Why I Write

    When i think about why I write so many thoughts and reasons flood my mind, so here are a few. I write because there are stories inside that need to be told, stories that need a voice, stories that need to be heard. When I don’t let them out they strain and push against the […]

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  • Words Matters

    The journey of a writer is not an easy one. Words don’t always flow free, like the waters flowing down a rivers bed. Some days we ask ourselves why we chose this profession in the first place, (little do we know the profession chooses us) and through the tears and tongue lashing we unleash on ourselves, we sometimes tell […]

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  • For the Love of Writing

    When I was younger I wrote all the time, I loved to write. My imagination spun at a hundred miles per hour. I knew writing would be my future career. Eventually life got in the way and writing became non-existent, I decided that writing was not practical or stable so I quit and convinced myself […]

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  • Mirror

      If I step on the other side of the mirror what would I see? would I see a mirror image of the same old me? or would I step into a place where fantasies roam free a place where I could be completely different and nothing at all like me…… Kimshme S Hodge

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