For the Love of Writing

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When I was younger I wrote all the time, I loved to write. My imagination spun at a hundred miles per hour. I knew writing would be my future career. Eventually life got in the way and writing became non-existent, I decided that writing was not practical or stable so I quit and convinced myself I was no good anyway, so therefore the world would not miss anything. I choose a different path, but that path brought me no joy.

I realized that the desire to write never died, it was suppressed for many years. Three years ago the writer woke up and I wrote, some was crap, and some was really good, I felt alive, I was happy, but still out of fear of not being good enough along with the need to be notice, or negativity you sometimes face when you those words “I would love to write a book” leaves your mouth, I began to silence the writer yet again, but she refused to be quiet.

I read an awesome post by Jeff Goins How To Fall Back In Love With Writing and here are some of the things I’ve learned

*Believe in yourself! If you want to be a writer claim it! As long as you believe it, others will believe it to.

*Be yourself! Learn and understand your voice, if you haven’t quite found your voice yet. Practice!

*Write for yourself!

Writing is not about how many people love your work, it’s about how much you love and believe in your work. If you write from the heart others will feel it too!

Write with love

Kimshme Shivaun

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