A mother is someone who loves, provides and nurtures. She encourages you to be your best self. She comforts you when you are sad, she hurts when you hurt, she cries when you cry, and laughs when you laugh.

Mothers are not perfect, we make mistakes too. We get frustrated, we sometimes yell and throw tantrums when our
children don’t listen. Sometimes we lose our jobs and struggle to provide.

Our job is a hard one, we do not get paid, we do not receive awards, we work twenty-four hours a day
seven days a week. No holidays, no vacation time, no sick days.

Motherhood is not the job that was left over. It was given to women, creators of life. It was given to the strong,
the divine, the survivors. The one who understood what it meant to hold on through disappointments.

Being a mother does not equal perfection, most of the time we do not feel qualified to be a mother. There are times
when you want to run away and hide forever. You may wonder if God chose right when he chose you.
But we go on anyway and we keep trying.

So while being a mother may not be perfect, though we may have more tears than laughter, more worry than joy
and we suffer many disappoints. A mother love will always be there.


As I write this I think about the mothers without children, mothers who have lost there children.
Children without mothers, and those who never had the love of a mother.
I see you, I know you are out there. Our stories may be different, I do not fully understand you sadness or your pain,
and I may not know you personally, but I think about you. I pray that your pain eases a little everyday and that you know
that you are important too, you have a purpose and a voice that can be used to heal.

Happy Mothers Day

Love Always,

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